The Devil Dog - Leash

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Just like any U.S. Marine, dogs of all shapes and sizes are proud to be dubbed "Devil Dogs." The phrase originates from the ferociousness of Marines in WWII, but ferocious or not, your "Devil Dog" can show their support for those who serve.

The Devil Dog Leash, like all Zero Bark 30® leashes are perfect for your canine companion that has a special place in their heart for our troops and veterans! They also are a great compliment to our collars and doggy hoodies.

Each of our fashionable designs are inspired by our heroes of the US Armed Forces.

Our American made collars, leashes & doggy hoodies offer fabulous quality craftsmanship that supports our local economy and our servicemen and women!

- 4ft & 6ft leashes are made of high quality polyester webbing that is both stretch & water resistant

- Nickel bolt snap

- Made in the USA...yeah!